What Are We Looking For?

We're looking to build a diverse team of creative, innovative, dedicated and self-motivated people who want to make a difference in what they do. Putting it simply, we understand and are committed to our philosophy that the more talented, intelligent, motivated, and hard working people that are a part of our unique, fast growing team, the greater opportunities there are for our continued success.

At Graylogic the excitement, high energy and boundless opportunities of the Web and its new economy is grounded by the stability and fortitude of our traditional values; values that provide for a unique work environment, optimize the unique strengths of each individual, encourage regular exposure to new opportunities, and promote a pay-for-performance incentive plan.


So why not? What have you got to lose? Send us an admin@graylogictech.com. We'll be happy to talk with you about joining our unique team.

Job Description

  1. Responsiblefor developing and porting applications foriPhone and iPod Touch devices;
  2. Evaluates the scope of functional requirements and helps the business team in estimating project costs;
  3. Play a direct role in programming, maintenance, technical support, documentation and administration of iPhone applications;


  1. A graduate of BS Computer Science or any IT-related course;
  2. 3 + years programming experience C++, C#, Java or Objective-C;
  3. Minimum of 6-8 months commercial experience developing applications for the iPhone;
  4. Excellent time management skills;
  5. With excellent communication skills (oral and written).


  1. Develops web-based applications, desktop applications, and database-driven websites; implements web layout enhancements as may be required;
  2. Works on several developmental frameworks and databases following industry standards;
  3. Participates in processes concerning architecture of new applications to meet client needs; create documents, provides estimations on projects as needed.


  1. A graduate of BS Computer Science or any IT-related course;
  2. Knowledge in Web best practices, accessibility and usability;
  3. Knowledgeable in internet technologies and programming such as HTML, PHP, XML, CSS, SSI, Java Script;
  4. Experienced in several developmental frameworks and database systems among others;
  5. Has the ability to handle multiple projects and deal with compressed project schedules;
  6. Excellent communication skills (oral and written).


  1. Leads the design and implementation of QA plans for all of PODD's development projects
  2. Develops testing procedures and reporting and monitoring process, employing industry-accepted standards to support production of high-quality products
  3. Mentors team members, coordinates with other departments and clients on test results and recommendations;


  1. A graduate of BS Computer Science or any IT-related course;
  2. Must have at least three (3) years relevant experience in quality assurance in software development company;
  3. Must have extensive working knowledge and experience on quality systems documentation and internal quality auditing;
  4. Must possess leadership skills;
  5. Must be result-oriented, flexible and willing to work long hours;
  6. Excellent communication skills (oral and written).



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