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A website Content Management System (CMS) often runs on the website's server. Most systems provide controlled access for various ranks of users such as administrators, copy editors, senior editors, and content creators. Access is usually via a web browser program, possibly combined with some use of FTP for uploading content.

Content creators submit their documents to the system. Copy editors comment on, accept or reject documents. The editor in chief then publishes the work to the live site. The Content Management System controls and helps manage each step of this workflow, including the technical task of publishing the documents to one or more live web servers.

The content and all other information related to the site is usually stored in a server-based relational database system. The Content Management System typically keeps a record of previous website editions and in-progress editions.

The pages controlled and published through the Content Management System can then be seen by the visitors to the website.

Key Features:

  • Fast updating of information for complete credibility
  • Addition of new tables and images
  • Redesigning & creation of Web pages, section & sub-sections
  • No restriction on creating new navigational links and putting those to text, images and blocks.
  • Users can link these to internal/external pages or uploaded files ¢ Multilingual content possibilities
  • Changes to Web pages or documents can be immediately posted
  • Hassle-free Website management as only static pages are created and there is no need of configuring and maintaining a database.
  • Easy & user-friendly as Graylogic's Web Content Management System can be accessed using a standard Web browser and no special download/configuration is required
  • Ideal for non-technical users who want to communicate effectively over the Web
  • Ideal for future developments and scalability

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